My books are closed. I am moving to Bali at the end of August.
For future trips to Sweden and Europe, keep a look out on my Instagram @kajsa_redrosetattoo, Facebook - Kajsa Franzén or the Red Rose Tattoo page on Facebook.

I have a list of my regular clients to get a chance to pre-book for my next visit in Sweden before I post any openings in my schedule online.
If you are a regular client and wish to be contacted ahead of time, please send me an email to info@redrosetattoo.se and write down:

If possible, send a picture of what we have been doing before, to remind me.
Put 'Regular clients list' or 'Stamkundslista' in the subject of the email.

All appointments will as usual require a deposit to ensure your appointment!

And I will be contacting you as I plan my future visit!
See you soon!